Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

2014 PASIAWorld Conference Speakers’ Presentation
Big Data Impact on Purchasing and SCM
The discussion will connect how big data sources and methodology can be used to develop specific and relevant
spend analytics. Also presented will be an illustration of how you can use data and tools you already have – to get immediate results
and make you better prepared to evaluate the need for more powerful analytic tools – Bill Kohnen, Director, Supply Management, DEEM, Inc.

Halal Purchasing

Halal (certification) has implications for the purchasing function, in particular the procurement strategy and purchasing process. This presentation will show the components of a halal purchasing function, the stages of halal procurement maturity, followed by an overview of the procurement strategy and purchasing process for halal products and services. Many food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Asia obtain halal certification in order to supply to Muslim markets. Halal certification has consequences for the purchasing department through complexities in the market of halal ingredients (shortage), complexity in halal &recognized; halal certification bodies and issues in supplier management. – Dr. Ir. Marco Tieman, CEO, LBB International

Managing the Procurement Cycle

In professional procurement there is nothing more fundamental than managing the procurement cycle. This can
further lead to Supply Chain Management, Standard Operating Procedures, ISO Certification and Effective Procurement Planning – Edward Pabor, Consultant/Trainier PASIA-USA

Maximizing Budget to Enhance Talent Development
Procurement is the largest influencer on Learning & Development budgets and can either hinder or enhance an
organization’s learning culture. This session will focus on techniques that procurement can use to help L&D design the most
cost-effective and efficient learning programs that meet the business objectives. Ethan Dengate, Solution Consultant, Skillsoft

Leveraging Technology: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Talent Development
Procurement plays a pivital role by influencing Learning & Development budgets. To maximize the ability of L&D to
develop talent at an organization. Procurement can cut costs by using technology, such as eLearning, to ensure that an organization’s
business objectives can be met through efficient and cost effective training. – Ethan Dengate, Solution Consultant, Skillsoft

Procurement Academies: Making an Impact
Robin Jackson, CEO, ADR International

Reverse Costing in High-Tech Procurement: A case study from the Semi-Conductor Industry
Martin Schreiner, Director Global Business Planning and Purchasing, Vishay

Supply Risk Management As An Integrated Element of Strategic Procurement
Martin Schreiner, Director Global Business Planning and Purchasing, Vishay

APICS and the APICS Supply Chain Council
Building and validating knowledge in supply chain and operations management. • Enabling our community of
members, affiliates and customers to lead in the global marketplace – Jonathan Thatcher, Director of Research, APICS

Taiwanese Competence in Supply Management – Driving Global Brands
Many famous and well-known global brands, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Nike, Adidas… etc. who receive the highest
recognition and customer satisfaction from all consumers worldwide. However, the mass-production manufacturing and original
designs for those brands are actually implemented by Taiwanese OEMs and ODMs. From a lab design concept to a mass production
product is a big challenging task. Taiwanese manufacturing has been involved and participated in the past several decades. Certainly,
the competence in Supply Chain Management from those Taiwanese companies is the key to success in the Global Supply Chain. The
speaker is sharing the insights from Taiwanese experience for a "benchmark learning" with ASEAN economies, enterprises and
purchasing/supply management executives and professionals. – Steve Lai, CEO, SMIT

Tax Considerations for Supply Chain Management
Atty. Eleonor Roque, Punongbayan & Araullo, Head of Tax Advisory, Compliance Division

The Triple – A Supply Chain
Ejazur Rahman, Regional CEO, ISCEA Asia

Strategic Sourcing Case Study-Windmill Insdustry
Olivier Levy, Managing Director, Dragon Sourcing