The Procurement and Sourcing Institute of Asia (PASIA) is a non-stock, non-profit organization based in Asia that aims to develop a community of procurement, finance, manufacturing, IT, and C-level executives � a common venue to share ideas and best practices to address the needs and concerns of supply management professionals in Asia.

As a regional procurement and sourcing association, it networks senior level executives in charge of managing spend in the company through procurement and sourcing strategies that impacts their corporate bottom line.

PASIA is a unique network that leverages across countries in the Asia-Pacific region and tackles strategic procurement and supply management issues. It provides opportunities for the promotion of the profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge.



PASIA aims to professionalize the procurement function and bring procurement and supply management professionals into the boardroom of every organization in the Asian region. As it grows, PASIA will be the number one source of supply management information and knowledge that will address supply management-related issues.




  • To establish a regional networking community of procurement and supplier professionals that would elevate the profession
  • To elicit strategic involvement from C-level executives and empower them with tools to gain visibility into their supply chains
  • To encourage procurement professionals to continue learning by providing internationally accepted education programs that create real value for the enterprise
  • To facilitate the exchange of information on next best practice standards and technology tools through education, publications, seminars and conferences
  • To continuously assess and improve the procurement profession by providing venues for the exchange of ideas and peer evaluation
  • To establish professional standards in the area of procurement through accreditation exams
  • To promote corporate procurement governance in the purchasing function and emphasize its vital role in increasing efficiency and transparency in business.




  • PASIA has an existing partnership with ACTE – Association of Corporate Travel Executives
  • PASIA has been working closely with international event organizers – IQPC, Marcus Evans, Terrapin, Innoxcell, Asia Business Forum, Tonkin, Kamikaze
  • In 2009, PASIA became a member of IFPSM – International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management based in Aarau, Switzerland
  • In 2009, PASIA has started partnering with CITEM for the eServices event from 2010 up to coming years
  • PASIA has gained global prominence as it gained members from outside of the Philippines � Singapore, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and other parts of Middle East
  • In June 2010, PASIA participated in the Semiconductors and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc. (SEIPI) annual event � one of the biggest business events of the year.




Q: What does PASIA stands for?

A: PASIA means Procurement and Sourcing Institute of Asia (PASIA)

Q: What does PASIA do?

A: PASIA is a regional procurement and sourcing association that raises the bar and professionalizes the industry through education and knowledge-dissemination on strategic procurement and supply management issues.

Q: Where is it based?

A: PASIA�s shared secretariat is based in Makati City, Philippines.

Q: How is PASIA related to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM)?

A: PASIA is the only multi-country affiliate of ISM � the largest and most-respected supply management association in the world, which champions the professionalization of the supply management function through its standard of excellence, research, promotional activities, and education. PASIA is at the forefront of bringing these initiatives in the Philippines and the entire Asian region. Membership to PASIA is an automatic membership to ISM. Visit www.ism.ws.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Complete the PASIA membership form, which can be downloaded at the Membership page and e-mail it to info@pasia.org or fax it to +632 8448586.