Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

In parallel with the world economic power shifting from West to East, from US and Europe to Asia, the demand for ethical practices in procurement and supply management is getting louder.

PASIA recognizes this need and, as part of advancing the profession of procurement and supply management in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, has championed the establishment of Global standards in ethics for the profession.

Procurement companies large and small, Governments and Suppliers each have an increasing desire to introduce and maintain ethical practices. The Global Ethics in Procurement and Supply Management will not only provide standards which are internationally accepted but will also provide the means to implement the standards.

Implementation begins with a self-test to identify areas where improvement might be needed. Training and coaching will be available to aid in understanding how to close the gaps identified and, later, if it chooses, a company can have a formal verification undertaken and the appropriate certificate can be issued to confirm ethical standards are being met. This certification will be recognized world wide.

PASIA is working with the International Federation of Purchasing ad Supply Management and others to ensure that this ethics certificaiton is accepted universally.