Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

Order, Warehouse, and Inventory Management
May 3-4, 2018

The CLTD certification program covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that sets the global standard for best practices in logistics, transportation and distribution. You may demonstrate a commitment to advancing your company’s operations. The CLTD program will help those involved in Logistics master the essential knowledge needed for the logistics, transportation and distribution industry by expanding the overall outlook on the logistics field which enables professionals to bring new ideas to an organization. Remain current with global logistics trends and developments, gain recognition as a valuable asset to your company, provide the tools you need to help reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction by being a CLTD professional.

Supply Chain Improvement & Best Practices
May 7-8, 2018

This course provides a thorough process on measuring, analyzing, and providing best competencies to a company’s Supply Chain. Master the necessary tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities – including suppliers, plans, distributors, and customers around the globe.

Negotiating for Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals
May 17-18, 2018

This course provides professionals with robust, tactical, and strategic negotiating techniques to increase buying power and leverage through the use of support logic to cost savings, value improvement, and risk reduction.

E-Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
May 24-25, 2018

This training program aims to provide an understanding of what E-Procurement and Strategic Sourcing is, and how it can be of value to purchasing organizations by implementing it into a company’s day-to-day operations. Learn how E-Procurement has evolved into its present day role in a company’s bottom line and learn to develop high-level competencies by implementing highly-advantageous supplier agreements for all externally acquired goods and services.

ASEAN Hospital
April 18-19, 2018

PASIA recognizes the need of educating hospitals in attaining Supply Chain optimization. Thus, the 1st ASEAN Hospital Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics Summit and Suppliers Exhibition on April 18-19, 2018 will take place to enlighten managers and executives in hospitals on the current trends and best Procurement and Supply Chain practices on a global scale.

United Port-Users Summit
June 14, 2018

Join us as we discuss the Challenges and Opportunities in the Philippine Logistics Industry in the Digital Age on June 14, 2018 at the 3rd United Portusers Confederation Summit to be held at the Marriott Hotel Manila.

PASIAWorld 2018
November 22-23, 2018

PASIA is set to take the center stage once again with its 7th annual Procurement and Supply Chain Conference on November 22-23, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel Manila.
With the constant innovations in technology, efficiency within the Supply Chain has never been more attainable. This has opened new ways of gaining access to potential markets and influencing purchasing decisions. But with these new advancements in technology, automation eliminates various processes and roles within the Supply Chain, making it a challenge for anyone in the industry to align and adjust with these new modifications.
The Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) bridges those gaps by holding the largest procurement and supply chain conference in the ASEAN region, which includes an impeccable line-up of industry experts sharing their insights, cases, practices and trends in procurement and supply chain management.