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Delivering world-class trainings, certifications and capacity building to companies to create value, manage risk and improve total cost in their supply chain.

Supply Chain Pro-Search Service

  • Forecasting Tools
    We evaluate the clients and help them to define the skills required and set skill targets for the role based on industry standards. People will then be assessed based on defined skills and targets and create a gap closing plan to achieve desired state of capability.
  • Supply Planning and Management
    Excel may be a planner’s best tool but once the number of SKUs and planning complexity increases, excel may not be enough. We can recommend technology solutions to bridge this gap based on the clients need and capability.
  • Supply Chain Analytics
    With data analysis as a critical enabler for supply chain, analytics tools are essential in makings sense of data for better insights that lead to better decisions. We can help match our client’s need based on the products of our technology partners.
  • Cloud Implementations
    WFor client’s looking for technology solution but have limited funding, cloud services and solutions is the best option. We help guide to you to select the best software as well as provide our expertise in implementation.
  • Systems Implementation and Integration
    Technology implementations and integration are costly and frustrating. With our expertise, we help clients by ensuring projects can achieve its business objectives while managing risk in project execution ensuring timelines are met at agreed cost objectives..

Custom Program Design

  • Our search strategy is individually design from our initial consultation, to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, validating experience, interviewing and checking references, our diligent processes ensure only the most qualified candidates, suited for the company’s culture, are presented for consideration.

What Makes Us Different

  • As operational experts in the industry, our solutions offer our clients a boutique recruiting services of executives and professionals with deep functional and technical expertise within Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management functions within every business.

Extensive Database

  • Supply Chain Pro-Search maintains a database of highly qualified executives and professionals. This unique and powerful database, along with our extensive industry connections, this is our secret in providing you the best talents.