• PASIAWORLD Annual Conference
    Our dedication to bring excellent services has made us develop GPAS to be the global and central source of comprehensive information making companies manage risk, create more value and improve total cost in their supply chains.


  • Strategic Sourcing Online Procurement Training

    Strategic Sourcing Online Procurement Training (SSOPT) presents the latest and most effective learning tool for improving your skills in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement.


  • In-House Training

    Our In-House Training is strategically developed to help organization bridge the gap between current reality and corporate strategic goals.


  • Certified Supply Planning Professional

    Designed to help companies improve their end-to-end supply chain planning process through practical concepts and actionable best practices based on industry standards that reduce issues on working capital and customer satisfaction due to poor planning


  • Certified Strategic Sourcing Professional

    Provides a comprehensive program for sourcing professionals on strategic sourcing principles and application to deliver enormous value to an organization that is derived from managing cost & risks, quality, sustainability, supply continuity, and category management.


  • Certified Warehouse and Logistics Professionals

    Focused on improving the company’s warehouse and logistics operations by implementing best practices to identify and optimize inventory flows to improve working capital and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Certified Integrated Supply Chain Professionals

    Provides an integrated mastery the most crucial processes of the end to end SCM –supply chain planning, procurement and logistics. This enables companies to break “silo thinking” and focus on delivering value to end consumers while preserving the organization’s cost and efficiency competitiveness.  


Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia is the largest and premier association for Supply Chain, Procurement, and Logistics headquartered in Asia operating globally. PASIA delivers world-class training, certifications, conferences & events, research, membership, and corporate partnerships. While its solutions and implementation arm, PASIA Shared Services and TransProcure, an APICS Partner, are focused and strong on consulting, services and technology.

With two-thirds of the global economy moving to Asia, PASIA has established itself as the leader in the ASEAN region for Plan (Supply Chain Planning), Source (Procurement) and Move (Logistics) that covers the end-to-end critical activities in the supply chain.

PASIA provides services with the highest global standards and has the largest and the most professional back-office in delivering its consulting and services. PASIA is focused, most experienced, scalable and has the cost advantage in operating globally. Its main advocacy is driving ethics, excellence and e-enablement.

Our dedication to bring excellent services has made us develop GPAS to be the global and central source of comprehensive
information making companies manage risk, create more value and improve total cost in their supply chains.


Future-proof your business by managing risks, creating value and improving total cost in your organization through Global Platform for Assessing Suppliers or GPAS.

GPAS fills and promote sustainable, quality, and flexible risk management program in every organization’s supply chain.

GPAS provides buyers the right tools in getting timely information of their suppliers necessary in their decision-making process. While it also empowers suppliers to become part of a proven network and grow their business.

8 Key Areas:

  • Business Legitimacy
  • Financial Stability
  • Operational Capacity
  • Service Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sustainability, Health and Safety

Buyer’s Benefits:

  • Third Party Professional Supplier Assessment
    Get professional assistance with the right tools in managing supplier risk, how to improve value and reduce total cost for your business.
  • Optimize Resources & Adopt Strategic Procurement
    Maximizes time to focus on strategic buying. Get procurement & sourcing augmentation, value-added service (i.e.; site visits).
  • Better Access to Service & Technology
    Supplier assessment service available to all buying clients. Can extend to sourcing, e-Procurement and supply chain solutions.
  • Become a partner of choice with PASIA
    Get access to PASIA’s wide range of consulting services, certifications, events and industry forums/ conferences. Personalized service.

Supplier’s Benefits

  • Efficient and Cost Effective
    Eliminate non-value-added activities in your sales and marketing efforts. Stay focused on marketing and operations activities to maximize business opportunities and resources.
  • Access to More Buyers/Customers
    Expand your network through SourceMax (A global platform for prospective clients). Be part of the B2B marketplace and get access thru the PASIA / TransProcure e-marketplace technology and improve your market connections and coverage.
  • Recognition
    Level playing field through a world-class sourcing platform and get recognized by your client and prospects thru industry and corporate “supplier” criteria.
  • Improving Your Own Supply Chain
    Develop your rating thru continuous improvement in your own Plan – Source – Move TM in supply chain.

PASIA and TransProcure Shared Services
4th Floor, DPC Place Building, 2322, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, 1231 Metro Manila, Philippines
Mobile/ Viber/  WhatsApp: +63 977 332 3401
Email: info@pasia.org


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