Our dedication to bring excellent services has made us develop GPAS to be the global and central source of comprehensive
information making companies manage risk, create more value and improve total cost in their supply chains.

Future-proof your business by managing risks, creating value and improving total cost in your organization through Global Platform for Assessing Suppliers or GPAS.

GPAS fills and promote sustainable, quality, and flexible risk management program in every organization’s supply chain.

GPAS provides buyers the right tools in getting timely information of their suppliers necessary in their decision-making process. While it also empowers suppliers to become part of a proven network and grow their business.

  • Business Legitimacy

    GPAS tracks a company’s business registration to validate the business legitimacy of any supplier. It is a professional introduction of the business that aims to inform the audience about its product and services.

    Financial Stability

    GPAS Gauges a company’s capacity to meet its short-term obligations based on it’s liquidity and cash flow; and capacity to meet its capital obligations in the long run through leverage and performance.

    Operational Capacity

    GPAS measures the volume of products or services that a supplier produces using current resources and the capacity to meet demand for deliveries.

    Service Quality

    GPAS assesses a supplier’s ability to deliver its commitments to their clients as well as the responsibilities thereof.

    Risk Management

    GPAS analyzes the company’s current condition and its ability ti prepare and handle unforeseen events through implementing internal policies that controls environmental and behavioral life-span.

    Facilities Management

    GPAS reports on the significant building and machinery situations where property components are audited according to expected life-span.

    Human Resources

    GPAS also evaluates the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees. It involves developing and training programs that are designed to increase the effectiveness of an organization or business.

    Sustainability, Health & Safety

    GPAS ensures that markets, commerce, technology, and finance advance in ways that benefit the company in general – or, at a minimum, do no harm – and contribute to a more maintainable and inclusive global economy.


    Professional Supplier Assessment

    Get professional assistance with the right tools in managing supplier risk, how to improve value and reduce total cost for your business.

    Optimize Resources & Adopt Strategic Procurement

    Maximizes time to focus on strategic buying. Get procurement & sourcing augmentation, value-added service (i.e.; site visits).

    Better Access to Service & Technology

    Supplier assessment service available to all buying clients. Can extend to sourcing, e-Procurement and supply chain solutions.

    Become a partner of choice with PASIA

    Get access to PASIA’s wide range of consulting services, certifications, events and industry forums/ conferences. Personalized service.

  • Efficient and Cost Effective 

    Eliminate non-value-added activities in your sales and marketing efforts. Stay focused on marketing and operations activities to maximize business opportunities and resources.

    Access to More Buyers/Customers

    Expand your network through SourceMax (A global platform for prospective clients). Be part of the B2B marketplace and get access thru the PASIA / TransProcure e-marketplace technology and improve your market connections and coverage.


    Level playing field through a world-class sourcing platform and get recognized by your client and prospects thru industry and corporate “supplier” criteria.

    Improving Your Own Supply Chain

    Develop your rating thru continuous improvement in your own Plan – Source – Move TM in supply chain.

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