With the increase of complex demands in business challenges, the better alignment with Human Resources and Supply Chain must be projected as collaborative in operations in order to reach the needs and requirements of the industry. The HR professionals has a growing concern in terms of deficiency in supply chain talents resulting to disruption of Supply chain function, skills gap and workforce shortage.




Hear from the experts in top and emerging companies in HR and Supply Chain fields and learn their challenges, best practices, understanding Supply Chain Planning, Procurement & Logistics as the core of business and how HR can address the needs of the organization in terms of growing the business. Connect and form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones with peers and colleagues in the industry.


Enable benchmark opportunities on how can Supply Chain and HR contribute to better business sustainability in the organization’s business. Listen and collaborate to business processes and performance metrics to the industry bests practices, develop the framework to increase HR and Supply Chain collaboration, exchange ideas and find mutually beneficial solutions for achieving cost savings in indispensable functions.


Create a synergy on aligning Supply Chain competency developments to future trends on digitalization. Each bring expertise, experience, and an integrated approach to best help your organization cater your needs and to run your organization’s business successfully.


Charlie Villaseñor

Chairman and CEO, Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA), CEO, TransProcure Corporation

Ramon Segismundo

Founder and CEO of 1-HR.X. Pte. Ltd.

Anna Kotskaya

Transformational Leadership Coach at International Coach Federation

Elaine Bernalyn S. Cercado

Managing Director of POWERinU Training and Coaching LLP (Singapore)

Cliff Eala

Founder and CEO of Synerbyte

Thelma Meneses

Group Human Resources Vice President of NutriAsia

Conrad Reyes

Founder and President of CX and Sales Services Corporation

Patrice Pierre Ordacji

Founder and Facilitator of Mindfulness at Play


Penny S. Bongato, FPM

Director, Professional Coach, Certified Canfield Trainer, and Author of POWERinU Training and Coaching Philippines, Inc.

Walter Buczsinky

Senior Trainer, PASIA


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