PASIA holds an annual conference, which includes an impeccable line-up of industry experts sharing their insights,
cases, practices and trends in procurement and supply chain management.

Take your company to the best in class. Professionals can also benefit from the several networking breaks and exhibits, allowing them
to strengthen and advance their procurement and supply careers.

Driven by a wide range of factors, procurement has increasingly become a value-adding function with a direct impact on business performance, providing ever more
procurement professionals with a seat at the top table of executive planning and decision making. As a result, more is being expected of procurement in terms of
professional, smart management across a growing number of disciplines. Recent years have witnessed procurement top corporate agenda in every large business.
Companies globally are counting on procurement initiatives to keep their businesses favorably positioned in today’s intensely competitive marketplace. Procurement
improvement is one of the pre-eminent hurdles and challenges facing most businesses in Asia. E-procurement has also promised to revolutionize the way we do business,
and produce significant savings. The subject of strategic sourcing creates almost as much excitement, and possibly even more return-on investment (ROI). It is therefore
incumbent upon all procurement/supply chain professionals to become conversant these subjects, and to understand the relevance of each to the procurement process.
This conference will share the best practices & case studies from renowned organizations to assist your procurement and sourcing strategies to sustain competitive
advantage for the years to come. It will provide the attendees with a comprehensive survey of procurement issues, solutions, and tools to make better decisions and forces
an ethical practices.

2015 PASIAWorld | Day 1 Speakers

2015 PASIAWorld | Day 2 Speakers

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