Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

Strategic Sourcing and eProcurement

"Thank You to PASIA – ITC thic course is very informative & fully define how the strategic sourcing & eProcurement take place"
– Machell Sadia; Purchasing assistant – Veolia Waters

"The training is very informative and spot as the information needed by the audience to understand the foundations, the necessity, the usefulness and effectiveness of the training. It immerses the audience with its scientific and logical approach to business solutions and key into the important and critical aspects of the business process."
– Rene B. Parada; Operations and Product Development; AIR21

Best Practices for Indirect Procurement

"It has interesting topic to evaluate or standardize purchaisng activity."
– Merck Samson; Manager; Continental Temic Electronics Phils. Inc.

"The strategic sourcing and the sourcing matrtix. As a buyer it hepls me analyze to get a bigger savings"
– Leopoldo Chomi; SCM Unit Manager; Hitachi GST

"Cost savings methodology"
– Ronald Fernanado; Technical Buyer; Analog Devics Gen. Trias Inc.

Buying Services and Contracts Management

"The training allows participants to know other best pratices among the industry leaders. It also allows connections between buyers of different companies & allows exchange of opinions of various suppliers used. Overall, the training proved to be a good exposure to contract services and how to manage them."
– Tuesday Santos ; Proacurement Associate; San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation

"Pratical insights and experinces on how to manage contracting of services (SOW, SLA, Risk Matrix etc.,)"
– Maria Lisette L. Ferrer; Procurement Associate; San Miguel Brewery, Inc.

"The examples used were very good; Speaker is knowledgeable with the subject"
– Tusday M. Santos; Procurement Associate; San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation

Ethics and Green Procurement

"The examples, the guidance and keys how to handle a situation & establish criteria for measurement."
– Diana Yao; AVP – Procurement; SM Investments

"It clarified a lot of gray areas about procurement ethics"
– Roy Cayamanda; Sourcing Manager; Teletech

"This training explains ad proves that green procurement is one of the ethical ways a company can do for the environment, The people working for it and it’s sustainability – Keep it green"
– Bernadette Jimenez; Sr, Specialist; Globe Telecom

Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting

"The training is to informative especially in the company that has no inventory count /cycle count in place"
– Laine P. Bascug, Warehouse Issuing Manager, PASAR Corp.

"I like most is the brainstorming, because I’ve learn useful input from other companies"
– Marilyn L. Adan, Inventory Analyst, Unilever RFM Ice Cream Inc.

"New techniques & experiences shared by other people"
– Arvin Rodriguez A. de Vela, Regional IT Compliance Manager-APAC, Sykes Marketing Services, Inc.

Total Cost of Ownership and Contract Management

"This is a great contribution to my career & looking forward to more extensive training like this. Good job! PASIA & Transprocure"
– Ophelia Anino; Prulife UK

"It changed my perspective on contract management, bringing into full view the total cost analysis inclusive of risks and service variations. Thanks a lot!"
– Mary Ann Vicentina; Balibago Waterworks System Inc.

"The training was very helpful. It enlightened me on how a certain product and service must be proced and how a contract should be managed considering different risks."
– Elaine Mendoza; Maxim Philippine Operating Corporation

Handling Hazardous Materials

"Scope of training is complete, reliable & applicable in the industry"
– Myrna Nace; Telford Services Inc.

"Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let us all be aware of the danger that may occur be at home, workplace or school. Be aware & be alert. Let us be responsible in every actions we do for we never know when accident / emergency"
– Fae Nicolette San Gabriel; Edward Keller Philippines Inc.

Project Management

"Its very informative ad I appreciate it more than my previous project management trainings that I’ve attended"
– Eric Larga; R&D Sr. Supervisor – Remec Broadband Inc.

"The trainer has an excellent knowledge on the topic and was able to deliver the subject matter well by sharing his personal experiences in Project Management"
– Michelle S. Felicitas; Procurement Associate – San Miguel Corporation

"Can be recommended to other practitioners"
– Malou Pinon; Logistics Supervisor – Jardine Energy Control Co. Inc.

Obtaining and Selecting Offers

"It enhance my knowledge in procurement, and a factor to be applied in our system"
– Wilma Muyargas; Buyer – Nickel Asia Corp

"Thank you to PASIA – ITC. The course is very informative that trully inhance my knowledge & skills in field of work. I felt so happy to know that our procurement procedure is update on the present procedure/ technology"
– Machell M. Sadia; Purchasing Officer – Veolia Waters Inc.

"Training is very practical. It is highly adaptable to the current situation"
– Noel P. Ledesma; Procurement Manager – RFM Corpoation

Negotiations for Procurement Professionals

"The training was really all about in-depth knowledge of negetioation. I never knew that there are standards. This is definitely an experience that I will nurture & practice everday at work"
– Sharon Daaca; NPM-Buyer; Temic Automotive Phils.

"PASIA training is a good training ground for all types of procurement professionals who’d want to achieve supplier management skill & obtain in-depth knowledge on negotiation tactics"
– Desiree David; Procurement Officer; TI Phils.

"Kudos to PASIA!! A very good training background for negotiation skills."
– Jill Anne Fortuno; CAPEX Procurement; SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co

Managing the Contract and Supplier Relationship

"PASIA was able to provide extensive training on key factors relating to the source"
– Teletech

"Presentation was well highlighting the value of the supply base as an asset. Speaker was able to explain the value of procurement and contracts in layman’s term."
– Wyeth

"The over-all training is significantlly great/excellent"

Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain

"Very good trainer! Very comprehensive training handout / materials!"
– Tess Artiaga; Maynilad

"I appreciate PASIA’s efforts to helpSupply Chain professionals well eqiuped w/ the necessary theories that needs to be applied in this growing Global economy. It has become an endevor for continuous improvement for both the industry & professionals"
– Andrea Marie Roxas; Ayala Land Inc.

"PASIA, your best choice for training in procurement & sourcing"
– Rosemarie Sandigan; Warehouse Manager-Zuellig Pharma Corp.

Inside Lean Supply Chain
"Lean( Kanban / Supermarket System) Management is the best solution to simplify and ease the whole product process. Visual Management rather than computerized management"
– David Monasterial; Manufacturing Director – Swedish Match Philippines

"Its very relevant and useful in my current position as a senior planner"
– Rochelle Mujar; Sr. Planner – NXP Semiconductor