Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

PASIAWold 2016: The Rise of Asean Procurement and Supply Chain for Globalization

Once again, the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia holds its Annual Procurement and Supply Chain Conference this year 2016 at Mariott Manila on November 09-10. The conference will be attended by SME, procurement and supply chain management professionals from all over the globe to share the latest trends, insights and practices of the procurement and supply chain industry, in line with ASEAN's vision for achieving global competitiveness.


HRS Global Hotel Solutions

HRS offers end-to-end hotel management solutions to more than 3,000 businesses globally. Offering its customers individual consulting and bespoke solutions, clients include global players from the Fortune 500 companies such as Google, China Mobile, Hitachi, Huawei, Alibaba and Panasonic.

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The Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia, also known as PASIA, is the premier professional institute for procurement and supply in Asia, operating globally. A not-for-profit organization, PASIA helps organizations create value, manage risks and costs by educating professionals to apply world standards to their procurement and supply chain operations.

What We Do

PASIA enters into corporate partnerships, develops procurement and supply chain academies, offers public and in-house training, organizes conferences and C-level forums.

Global Reach

Headquartered in Asia but operating globally, PASIA is able to reach professionals all over the globe through several channel partners and affiliate organizations. With the advent of technology and globalization, our services and courses can be delivered anywhere there is a need to advance the procurement and supply profession.